Aren't We All Forest Creatures?

We have something special for you today...

...not that everything we publish isn't special. When Maggie Sheffer's story crossed my virtual desk, I felt two things: Excitement, and then concern. It arrived during a month in which I wouldn't have the final say in our chosen story, which meant I might not be about to give this piece a home.
As ever though, I should have trusted my older brother LP Kindred, who made the choice I hoped he would. Out of 600 submissions, he received 21, and out of 21, he chose this. How We Became Forest Creatures is stirring, and hopeful, and dark, and splendid, and utterly, completely, of the Background. Keep an eye, perhaps both eyes, on Marguerite Sheffer. She's something.

World Fantasy

I'm planning on being at World Fantasy at the end of the month, and while I won't be staying onsite (I missed the hotel block, boo) I will be attending programming and handing out swag to anyone who wants it, and even some of you who don't.  Feel free to find me, talk to me, buy me a diet coke, or hand me a submission. Most of y'all know I'm sober, so please, nobody buy me a (well-meaning) beer.