Patience, and Talent

You'd think, running a magazine based on the concept of unknowable galactic radiation, that I'd be prepared for surprises...

But this last couple of months had some real doozies. I won't go into them too deeply, but suffice it to say I am, and will always be, endlessly grateful to Lynne Sargent, the fantastic writer of our stellar new story. This piece was accepted last September, which means the longest gap between an acceptance and publication in our magazine's (almost one year!) history. She has waited with the kind of patience I've basically never been able to employ, and for that, I will absolutely buy her a beverage of her choice the next time I see her. 

To the story itself: The exquisitely titled, 'Your Body as a Haunted House, or When the Ghost Moves In' could have been written precisely to illustrate exactly what we're looking for here at the Cosmic Background. There's pathos, there's the eerie sensation that something is waiting for you around the corner of the next sentence. There's ghosts. Whether you're familiar with her work or not, you should endeavor to be-so as soon as possible. This is a writer with not only a blessed capacity for patience, but also an infinite well for talent. Enjoy.