The Terrapin King

When we were outlining the writers we love at the beginning of the Cosmic Background...

...there were names we came back to again and again. One, Christopher Rowe, had recently seen the release of These Prisoning Hills, a novella that was my favorite book of 2022, and Telling the Map, a collection of short fiction that is as varied and deep as it is insightful and entertaining. Christopher (along with the equally splendid Gwenda Bond) was an instructor of mine at the Clarion Writer's Workshop, which meant I found myself in the extremely fortuitous position of founding a fiction magazine while in possession of one of my favorite fiction writer's email address. And so I reached out.

That is how we end up with the Terrapin King, a story of, for, and from, the Cosmic Background, as imaginative, as tricksy, as compelling a work as any you'll ever read. 

It fills me with joy and pride that our fledgling publication is home to such a wonderful tale.