New Year, New Story, Kickstarter

Happy New Year, Dorks

We hope you had a sensational holiday season, whatever it was you celebrated. 

We're kicking off the holiday season with a marvellous story that was handed to me in person at Readercon last year. A.T. is a magnificent writer about whom you should absolutely know. I Will Get Her Back is chilling and compelling in equal proportions, and a fine example of a story so good we'll take it even over our stated wordcount.

Fun fact: This is a story I received in-person at Readercon 2023. If you ever see me at a con, hand me a story. I won't mind. And I might end up paying you for it.

To everyone who made our end-of-year Kickstarter a success: Thank you, from the bottom of my cold, weary heart. Supporting the arts, the human arts, has never been more important. A reminder once more that if you send us AI fiction, I'll hunt you down and kick you right in the ass.

Happy New Year