Hearts and Minds

This Month's Story

Is Hearts and Minds, by the wonderful Cynthia Gómez, a writer you should be paying attention to, if you're not already. Its original publication date was going to be July the 14th -- but thanks to some stellar quick-turnaround work by our Art Department (Thanks Niv) we're able to publish today, July the 4th. 

As an immigrant to the United States, I've always had an uneasy relationship with this particular holiday. And now, as we watch an unelected body unilaterally affected beyond repair by a criminal, a rapist, the worst President this country has ever seen, systematically dismantle so many of the things that made me love my adopted home, I find it difficult to throw on my 'Murica shirt and join the festivities. Instead, I'm choosing to publish this story: A beautiful piece that sings of possibility, of hope, of defiance, and the power of the working class.

Happy Gómez day, from the Cosmic Background.