How Things are Going -- May 29th

We've now been open for

Two submission windows, and in that time received almost a thousand submissions. We've accepted 3 stories, and solicited 2 others. That means we've essentially had to reject 950 or so stories, many of which were perfectly wonderful. 

We're still working through the final few submissions from our previous window, which means we're running a little behind schedule (sorry) but LP will be receiving something like 20 pieces to choose from during his stint as guest editor. Each and every one of those stories is good enough to be published, and if I could, I'd publish, promote, and pay all of those authors. Unfortunately, I can't. So. Sorry.

A couple of folks 

Have commented on our guidelines regarding AI-assisted submissions, and my feelings there are pretty clear. I don't want those submissions. I don't even want them to exist. If any writer has an issue with that stance, then that's wonderful, go cosplay as an artist at another magazine.

We're delighted to announce

That the wonderful Christopher Rowe, author of my favorite book of 2022 (These Prisoning Hills, from Tor -- go look it up) will be publishing a story with us this upcoming August. Since he's listed in our inspirations section, you can imaging we're pretty stoked about that. If you're not familiar with his work, then go and check him out on Twitter


Two simply amazing stories from PH Lee and Alyssa Greene are now available in our Stories section, along with accompanying art from the magnificently talented Niv Sekar. Go and read them immediately. You won't be sorry. Remember that both of those pieces come from deep within the interstellar buzz of the Cosmic Background -- and once you've been there you can never go back. 

Happy Summer.