The Cosmic (Microwave) Background --

-- is leftover radiation from the Big Bang. The universe was born, and underwent rapid expansion and fluctuation in temperature. The Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) is the heat leftover from the Big Bang. But why is it the name of a weird-fiction magazine?

Turn on an Old TV. Turn on a Radio.

And tune between the channels. Listen to the static. Observe it. Within that static you're seeing the afterglow of the Big Bang, observing the visualization of heat from the birth of our universe. You're witness to the most important event in the history of everything.

But only when you tune between the channels.

That's where we want your work to come from: The place between channels. We want words from the static. We want fiction that springs from the birth of the universe. If you can write that, go to our Guidelines page. If you want to read it, go to our Archive. If you want to listen to it, give us enough money to start a podcast. If you want to see it, go watch the Twilight Zone. 

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